Monday, October 04, 2004

Night Shift is over....

Finish my last night shift on saturday night. Quite tired. Reach home about 10am plus, Sleep until night 730pm. Maybe I'm not a night person or still haven't get use to working night shift.
1st and 2nd night was quite okay. Most patient ask for bed pan, hourly parameters or change drip. The only funny part is there is one old lady sleeping opposite the nurses counter. Keep waking up wanting to eat rice, have to keep telling her now is midnight no rice wor, than suddenly she said can she sleep now? Don't disturb ok. than suddenly she talk o my next bed auntie ask her eat anot, (the euntie is sleeping soudly). ("-, -)
On & off the whole 2 nights she like this. Don't want to laugh or cry..

On the 3rd night is quite a busy night. 2 admissions (seems okay but alot of investigation need to be done), lucky the 2 patient are quite stable.
And surprise that our midnight makan auntie sleep through out the night.
Suddenly the back room nurses (i'm in the front room) pushing the imergency trolley, one of our patient collaspe. Was abit upset coz i ever nurse her before i do night shift. She was already quite sick when she admitted. (before i sleep suddenly keep thinking about her passing away, abit scary abit sad) Maybe this is part and parcel of nurses life, nut who said we can't get emotional we are human beings too.

Anyway yesterday have a quarrel with dear about his cough. Not happy that he just took chinese medication like that without even seeing a chinese doctor. He said no choice coz the aunt give it to him. Understand that its not his fault but who like to hear the love ones keep coughing. so more his cough always takes months to heal. Haiz... (^ ~ ^) Dun1 to quarrel with him but it hurts to hear and see him cough like that some more dry cough...
People out there please if you want to take chinese medication at least go and see a chinese doctor, they will know which type is better.

Ok thats for today, need to prepare to go out liao, today got the training for the mr & miss SGH. Hope it will be exciting. See ya...

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