Saturday, June 11, 2005


Today is dear 2nd day of army. Starting to miss his "nagging".. Haha..Image hosted by Although he will call me everynight before he go to sleep but we can't talk for long. Want him to rest more and moreover now i'm having night shift so can't talk much while i'm workingImage hosted by

Anyway that day went for his enlistment day with his dad and sister. Has quite alot of fun there. And lots of handsome guys to see haha.. dear keep tellling me here got handsome guys and there etc... that day my eyes really "cooling"Image hosted by Anyway, have one funny inccident. While Q for our food (have a taste of army foodImage hosted by, the uncle scoop i large portion of rice but once he saw me he remove half of the rice. I was Image hosted by, told him that i want some more, he thought i said to remove some more of the rice. No choice have to repeat again Image hosted by Dear sister behind laughing. After that told dear that they must change the mindset of gals always eat small portion.

After that parted with dear with hugs and kisses and rush off to work. Lucky not as bad as last week night. Maybe i should do night with YP, our eight characters not crushing to each other.. Image hosted by Better keep my finger cross one more night to go..

Image hosted by
Me and dear at the arrival of Pulau Tekong.. They have nice sand and scenary...

Image hosted by
The office or headquarters of Pulau Tekong..

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