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Monday, August 28, 2006


Hey hey!!! Thanks folks for flogging my tag board, but i couldn't reply u guys/gals one by one! I had a great trip in Korea!! I feel like i'm having a tour here instead of competition!!! But sorry folks, i didn't get into the top 3 -__-"... Tomorrow they will be giving out some subtitles.. if I didn't get anything, cannot leave me ok espcially Elisa!!!! :(.... Haha.. Actually i enjoying the trip more than stress!!! Whahah...

But the stuff here is damm expensive.. but still i bought

~ Face masks
~ Bags
~ Shoes
~ Bras...
~ Stuff for family
~ Stuff for dear
~ Stuff for my sexy missy


and of coz lots of pics for u ppl!!!!


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