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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Yesterday watched a tv programme in channel U call "Y project". Is a topic about nurses and healthcare teams. Watching this shows brings back memerios of how my colleagues and me work during the past 2 years. To tell the truth, watching this shows really makes me want to go back to work as a nurse again. To care, to save and to cry and laugh with the patients again. But still, i have to look forward building my future. My dream of becoming a nurse since young have come true, or at least half of it have come true. Was thinking the whole night, maybe after taking my diploma course in SIM (hopefully) shall i go and try Diploma in Nursing again? Or shall i just stick to Psychology? Coz no matter what psychology is the course i would love to study..

Conculsion: Wait till i have been accepted and pass out first.. Or i may decide to do something different. Kaoz...
End of my wondering topic......

Oh ya, thanks ppl, for the support of fashion-palace.blogspot.com, do intro more stuff ok!!
Later going Club momo again for Mr Singapore World.. See you ppl there.. ;p

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