Thursday, April 24, 2008

4 more days...

4 more days I will be working in a new enviroment... Kind of excited.. Haha.. still in medical line but something else. :P

Just sign the contract on Tuesday, everything is great, get the pay I wanted, the working hours is wonderful even thought is office hours. No choice got to plsn for my studies in July.

Only thing is I need to buy some semi-formal to formal clothes for my new job.. :X Actually another excuse for me to shop haha..

So far I only bought a pair new shoes for my new job. As this job requires some walking up and down, so some of my 'N' pairs of heeels can't wear as they are 3-4" high.. So this pair is wonderful! :D
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Is it nice!! :P This is my 5th pair of shoes I bought this month, but no worries, is all within my budget la.. I'm already a good girl ever since I struggle paying my diploma school fees last year.. :P

Last time couldn't shop much coz of unstable income no even though got stable income I can shop but need to save more then ever..

A short post for today... got to go to SIM to hand in my transcript..

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