Tuesday, September 13, 2011



Had a wonderful celebration with my family members yesterday. After dinner we went home for moon cake feast!

Even though I hate my leg issues during pregnancy but overall I still love and enjoying my pregnant journey. 
Love the glow I have! No makeup (only eyeliner) at all, but still look radiant, haha at least to me it is! :P

The Low Family women

My nephew playing with the moon cake box


“一口月饼,一杯茶 ~ 中秋节快乐! 月圆人团圆,要知足常乐哦!没有什么比健康和一家融洽来的开心!”

Visited orthopedic and physiotherapy today. Apparently the doctor can't do nothing much but got to wait till my rabbit baby is born to see if the symptoms and injury will go off a not. 

When the therapist got to know how I got injured, from his popping eye balls, I think he must be thinking "what the hell I'm doing" but anyway I'm glad I didn't injured myself further and stop all stupid stuff that I have been doing although at time or maybe most of the times I feel useless and helpless. 

That's why my mom always say being strong it's no good, sometimes it's good to relax and be fragile at times. Understand the logic, but hard to change. 
After the injury, I'm become more sensitive, whatever sentence or stuff said or done which makes me feel useless I will feel emotional and yes I will cry also. 

When doctor wanted to prescribe me painkiller, I refused, because I can tolerate the pain. On the other hand feel like asking him whether got any medicine to take so that I wouldn't feel useless or lousy. 

Can tolerate pain but can't tolerate to be "handicapped" 

No matter what I will be strong, that's what I am, and will be... :)


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