Friday, October 28, 2011

My iPhone 4S!

Thanks to Mr Tan, because of him I got iPhone 4S! N he got white for me!

Seriously when he ask me what colour I like I'm still deciding on white or black... Don't know which to choose haha... So he choose for me! :D

But poor him got to stand for 4hrs to get the phone.

I think he can't bare to see my upset face. I was quite upset on wednesday when I miss the appointment timing for singtel because overslept n also didn't even manage to log into the online registration at 3pm because server busy.

Maybe that's y he decided to Q for it... So poor thing!

My iPhone 4S!!


Ahyo I still got a lot of photos still not blog yet.. >.< haha.. Pardon me!

Have a great Halloween Night everyone!!

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