Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Missyqiqi Shopping Online!!

Missyqiqi Shopping go online!! Hehe... Having shopping online for so many years, organising so many sprees in forums, finally set up a properly website doing sprees and pre-orders!

For now me focusing on doing baby stuff, hahaha i'm a mommy! Lol!

All my mommy/daddy readers or soon-to-be mommy/daddy, please support this webby


Currently on going pre-orders
- baby girl and baby boy head band/gear

Btw, notice my blog change, haiz blur me, accidentally change my blog templates while I'm doing up the missyqiqishopping blogger :(
Need to redo again *cry*...

But luckily manage to find my background image! 算是不幸中的大幸吧!


Silver said...

i want footshopping too ;p

Qiqi said...

u mean birkins?? haha

Steve said...

Such a great tips... i read and learn some good things..

online electronics shopping india

Silver said...

yes! i want 2 pairs! ;p
do u want to organise? haha

Mr and Mrs Lau said...

May I know the hotel that you went wedding for? Thank you!

Qiqi said...

Silver: Left msg for u regarding the birkins, u check ur FB

Mr and Mrs Lau: the recent 2 wedding dinner was held in Merchant Court Hotel.