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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Goodies for weaning baby!

Did I mention goodies?

Yes, I did!! 
Haha.. everyone love goodies bag! Is just like receiving a present, hoping to find some surprises inside!

Since Baby Yi He going to start her 1st puree soon.. actually is TOMORROW, that means she's 6 months already!! Woohoo.. 
Ok back to signing up > so I sign up all the milk powder company I can find in Singapore, to get some goodiesbag.. Kiasu mommy! haha..

But so far only 2 company provides super good goodie bag, the rest is either sending you their brochures or totally don't provide any..

The 1st company ~ Dumex, super efficient, sent about 2-3 weeks before Yi He turn 6 months. 

A small eco-friendly shopping bag, with a cute dolphin cartoon!

Inside the goodie bag we have a paper photo frame, Loreal skin care product (a bit weird to be inside the weaning bag), 2 cans of 400g milk powder and a $5 off voucher. 

Is a simple goodie bag, but 2 cans of milk powder is considered a generous goodie. As one can of milk is so expensive! 

The 2nd goodie bag is from Nestle! The moment I received their goodie bag, I feel very excited to open it up coz it looks very interesting! 

Let's see what's inside! 

Its a cooler bag! And looks interesting.. even though is only 1 can of milk

The goodies! Baby tibits ~ I always find this amazing whenever I feed my nephew last time, can't wait to see my baby pinching the tibits and trying to put inside her mouth.. haha..
Prunes puree, 1 can of 400g milk powder and 3 packets of cereals. 

Going to supermarket later to buy some fruits and vegetables to prepare for puree. got a few recipes online and from the brochures. Will share in the new post. Actually I'm glad that her school (infant care) is closed for staff training the next few days, coz I will be the first to feed her and will feeding her continuously for the next 4 days!
Is good to start of with me as a mommy, I get to bond even much better with her, monitor how she's taking, encourage her to eat.. I believe even if the school is not close, I will still take leave to accompany her this moment.
Bringing her to the world means its my responsibility to see her through every stage she's going through. Although I can't quit my job now, I will try my every best to do whatever I can. Job is not an excuse to miss different stages of your child's ~ at least this is what I feel.

I always remember what my parents said, if u want to have a child, you must be responsible and make some sacrifice. Maybe u feel that, now we are living in the modern society, this may not be able to fit into our lifestyle. 
But because of my parents responsibility n sacrifice, we are super close to them, and can share a lot of stuff with them, no communication breakdown. Of course we went through rebellious stage at our teenage time. 

That's the reason why till now, I refuse maid to take care of my child. Of course my sister and friends to advise me to get, when I'm getting no 2, coz they scared I couldn't cope. They meant well, true friends scared of my health and my diet. But some I don't feel that they meant well, they are more interested to see how messy my house is. 
So what if my house is in a mess, so long as I'm providing a clean and safe environment for them to play and stay, having the closeness bond which I long for and trying my best as a working mom, my hubby and I don't see that as a issue. 
P.S Sleeping area must be clean.

Clean & sparkling house vs Mother & child bond, I rather choose the latter. I can reach home, clean up my baby, chuck whatever rubbish one side, play with her till her feeding time and put her to bed.
Then I do the cleaning up later or if I'm too tired I'll do it the next day/another day. Sometimes Mr Tan help me to wash my clothes also. I really appreciate his help. Coz no matter how tired I'm, I rather use that energy to play with my kids.

I'm not trying to discriminant those who have helper e.g maid. Its good to have helper coz at times I do feel very tired, need a break but with no one around, I will "force" my baby to sleep haha.. So having a helper a not its really up to individual, but for me, nope for the time being.

Ok, off to fetch my little girl and to super market!
Those who are interested in the goodie bag, just click on the brand, it will lead u there! :D

Btw, share something which I'm excited about! going to work out something with Singapore Cord Blood Bank together with MQ Baby & Kids! Hopefully the outcome will be good! really want to do something meaningful.
" Donating your baby's cord blood is a greatest gift to the other people and the first lesson to teach ur children to share! "

*Please note, I'm not endorsing or advertising the milk powder company mention above. Its just pure sharing great offers/deals/information to my readers.*

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Malaysia Trip & Mothers Day Celebration

Happy Mothers Day!! 

I know is over, but I still want to wish all mothers ~ Happy Mothers Day!! Hehe.. Hopefully every mother enjoy their like I do!

Baby Yi He got her passport on Saturday. Mr Tan, can't wait to get her passport chop, he seriously can't wait till our Korea trip in Sept, our official family overseas trip. 

Me, while "jamming"

Yi He holding on to her passport

The Famous Bak Ku Teh 

Before we reach, Mr Tan told me how tasty, nice etc is this bak ku teh. But I didn't want to have too much high hope. Haha.. 
But when I saw they are using charcoal to cook, slowly I change my mind. 
And when the food comes, u will know why S'pore Bak Ku Teh can't really fight. 

Not only the price is cheap (not surprise), the servings is great! Is not like paying S$3 for 3 fishball kind of servings. 

My Fav Sesame Oil Chicken

Bak Ku Teh Soup. They have a variety of Bak Ku Teh. Mr Tan ordered this soup which consists of straw mushroom, lots of small abalone, pig liver/stomach, fried "yu piao" 

Yi He and Us

She trying to grab every passerby attention

The weather is so hot, we had 2 bowl of Ai Yu Dessert!! Ahhh... refreshing! But one bad thing is too much ice!!

After eating, we went to GIANT and shop for awhile before heading back to Singapore to celebrate Mothers Day

Yi He falling asleep after a long day.. 

Back to Singapore!!

Resting at parents place while waiting for my sis.. 

Rui Tai playing with Yi He~~ He keep on throwing car toy to Yi He. Suddenly Yi He keep on laughing!!

Her laughter came quite sudden but manage to catch a small portion on the video..

 Finally Xuan came so we decided to have a mini celebration with my mom at Pasta Mania. U must be thinking why Pasta Mania? Coz every where is so crowded and my parents are so lazy to travel even though we are driving. Any way, we are bringing them out to eat every weekend, not much of a celebration. 

Mommy.. she look grouchy coz she had a bad haircut... And daddy is not helping.. Keep on saying not nice.. T.T

Rui Tai ~ food taste so yummy~~

My Risotto~~ regret ordering this, doesn't taste like the one in Europe and I don't like to eat risotto at all.. I thought is spaghetti.. Just go crazy when I saw squid ink.. Lesson learn, see properly before ordering!!

That night, when I was packing Yi He's school bag (she goes to infant care while I work), I saw the card that the teacher made.. I cried with happiness of coz.. 
Really appreciate it, even though is not 100% done by Yi He, but really touch by the effort the teacher put in. 

The next day, Mr Tan turn to celebrate Mothers Day for me!!
He really put in an effort, coz he remembered what I've said. Sushimi once I stop pumping breast milk!!

Wanted to breast feed at least 7-8 months, but the stupid fever coz my supply to drop, even increasing pumping also no use. Luckily I pump earlier to keep extra supply, at least she still can drink some more even though I stop pumping. 

OK back to my sashimi!!

Mr Tan brought me to Shin Kushiya @ Serangoon Garden.. 

Our happy little girl!

All the yummy food!!

The Raw veg, I love it, Mr Tan eeks it.. lol.. 

The Spring water egg!!
Mr Tan's favourite.. He can't forget his Taiwan Spring water egg. 


The most sinful food~~ chicken skin~~~ 

This is a must order when u visit the restaurant. Garlic rice!! Super nice!

My all time favourite ~ Salmon head.. *meow*! 

The Grilled stick

Father & daughter.. 

New sleeping pattern??

After the main meal.. Mr Tan brought me this ice-cream shop ~ Udder, same building.. 

Lychee Martini, Mao Shan Wang & Chocolate!!
Mommy diet goes crazy after stop pumping >.<

Really enjoyed a lot over the weekend. What mommy said is true, as long as we are good, healthy, filial to them, everyday also mother/fathers day. 

Thanks to my daughter for coming into this world, letting me enjoy motherhood and learn things which I never think I will do it. 
Thanks to Mr Tan for letting me have a chance to become mother.. And trying ur best to help me whatever you can all this while after having Yi He.. 

Even though at times I envy Xuan(my sis) for having such a nice MIL who help her in many ways and I got no one at home to help but I always believe if my MIL is around, she will also treat me nice, coz even though when she's bed bound, she seems happy when I came... Happy Mothers Day to my late MIL..

Remember don't take things for granted, especially family. I'm really glad that my family bond is very strong... got even stronger after we have children.. Can't wait to see our family expending.. :D

Night night everyone!!