Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Yesterday was having a great time with my personal trainer, although is only 1 hr session but I learn alot. How to train up according to my weight, body fat etc... And also focus on the part which I want to exercise on.. hee.. That's nice... Hope to see results in 3 months time... If I continue to work hard.

After the session, I have my own exercise while waiting for my bf.. Took so long to come until my stomach making music... At last him came, have a eat outside. Then he go and have a change to exercise and i go and bathe..

Have a good view inside the toilet... coz some of the ladies juz strip naked after bathing!! Admired their courage.. :p But would they feel cold?? I feel cold wor.... ("-,-) Hee... But lucky i bathe quite early otherwise have to line up coz around 6 to 8pm is the peak hours.

Anyway this morning when i wake up, didn't feel too much of aching coz after every exercise have to do stretching. Otherwise later how am I going to work... Ahyo
So anybody interested can email me your contact no then i can get free 10 session for you but bare in mind that you may get sacho by the people there whether to sign up anot..

Ok Thats for today.. Enjoy your day everybody...

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