Thursday, September 23, 2004

TiReD DaY...

Working 2 days of morning shift can kill me wor... So tired... Espcially Renal room. Actually the patients are quite ok but is because of the dialysis line etc... Actually don't like to work morning shift... Very busy, can make you go crazy!~!

Anyway, this morning also not a good start for all of us, suppose to pass all the report by 730am but dunno what 's happening to the night staff (keep grumbling about her night) and one patient refuse to go for operation etc.. Me and my junior got stuck whether want to sponge patient anot, cause we dunno when she want to pass her report!! While I was sponging my patient half way, she's passing her report!! By the time we we pass finish the report is almost 830am! Diet have to ask my ward auntie to help me to serve..
("nice" way to start my day...!!)

Lucky tomorrow working afternoon shift, otherwise I will be totally "flat".... Whole body aching cause yesterday go to gym and attended a class- Body pumping, actually is weight lifting with music, moves etc.. Thanks for Benny (Dear) for dragging me into it!! That's the reason why i'm extremely tired tired this morning.

Ok enough for complaining. Going to continue to watch American Idol...

Have a good night sleep guys.... Night Night

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