Friday, September 14, 2007


Thought today filming will be just another normal filming, but not.. Didn't expect it to turn out this way. Modeling for around 2 years, always careful on the job that I choose espcially dress code. If I agree on the dress code, I'm mentally prepared on what to wear, but today really caught me in surprise.

Facing 2 handsome actors, a happy variety show, but some how I don't feel happy even no mood to take photos of my job. Just hope what the producer said to my agent, it will not turn out that sleazy. :( Don't ask me which variety show is that, I just hope no one will recongise me.. sianz.... I look sucks in it, trying hard to smile and look pretty but its difficult ya.. :(

3 photos for today ~ Jaslyn (another model film the variety show with me) and me, one cute dog saw at Parkway Parade and my dinner. Cook salmon and mushrooms dish. My favourite, fish ~ collagen, mushrooms ~ anti-oxident. Good for skin... :)

Bro told mommy, I cooked means will be fish and mushrooms. I told him will cook if I extremely happy or sad.

**Don't like my fringe think I prefer bang :P
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Bridal show tmr at Holiday Inn and dinner with Melissa. :)

Sorry for an upset post today... I'm ok don't worry ya. :) Night Night..

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