Sunday, November 14, 2010

Belated post ~ Sumita's Birthday

Belated entry on lovely Sumita's birthday!!

We went to The Rice Table for dinner. I love their Begadil!! Yummy!! Good for people like we we don't take spicy food. :D

The Yummy food! I love their green apple dish and the sour cucumber... 

After  eating we head down to TCC to have a drink and a small birthday celebration for Sumita!

A surprise icecream birthday!


Chatting session ~~~~

Opening present!! I gave Sumita a lipstick, hope she likes it. :D

The sexy ribbon girl!

After TCC we girls went back home :D Super thanks to dearest Allison sending us back... Sue Ching slept throughout the journey... ahyo... She's really tired. 

When I reach home I just realised that I didn't even take any photos with the girls using my phone!! Arrgh... now I got to wait for Sue Ching to load the photos and I seriously wonder when will it be?? =.="

Take myself first, satisfy my personal self love hahaha.. 

Was craving for crabs for the past few days, so went to supermarket to buy flower crabs at the same time decided to cook dinner for my family. It has been a long time I have cooked dinner for them ever since my grandma stay with us. Since she went back to stay with my uncle so I can have the kitchen!! :D

The ingredients for the night

Start preparing... Mommy took the unglamorous side of me 

The yummy food making in progress!

The flower crab! My all time favorite! Just a simple sesame oil, salt, ginger etc.. you can make a yummy dish! 

The dishes~~~ Baked Milkfish

Fried tofu vegetables and mushrooms. 

And my new learn dish ~ Boiled duck with winter-melon and barley soup. A soup which is good to drink in a weather like Singapore. Helps cooling and nourish!

Everyone is hungry :)
Mom asked me why I lay out my dish so pretty, I said I love to that to my dish coz it makes me happy 

Weekend is over! Monday is coming.. How I wish I have longer weekend. :(

Have a good week ahead everyone!

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