Monday, November 29, 2010

Busy weekend

Benny and I had a busy weekend, time was tight, thanks to my 'sotong' I thought the parents meeting session was on Saturday but actually it was on Sunday. And Sunday we are supposed to have a Harry Potter private movie screening. How great is that.. -.-! Even though we can make it for the movie screening but our seating location is not that fantastic. 

I think I'm a real sotong bride.. Tell me which bride would actually got the date mixed up. I even mixed up my ROM date and applied to wrong leave, but luckily I manage to realise it fast enough to change my leave.. Talking about guys will forget the important dates... hmmm.. got to change that perception!

Not much photos taken during the parents meeting session, coz I feel kind of stress, for no particular reason.. My in-law and hubby's sister is nice, but getting my photography snappy habit to kick in, some how is difficult.

This is the 2nd parents meet up session for the wedding, we had it in the same usual place ~ Swa Garden Restaurant. The food is really fantastic! Great authentic teochew food! The yam paste is a must try!

My dearest parents

Blur Blur me

After the session, we rush down to The Cathy to catch Harry Potter! 

Client appreciation event! Good movie, but if our sitting is in the middle will be the best! *.*

Is a fantastic movie, this is the movie I will chase after it. Didn't even chase Lord of The Ring, Star War etc..
But after the movie, Benny and I realised that we miss the previous episode.. Now that makes 2 blur couple.. 

After the show, we went walking around, start researching on our bed, mattress etc.. then we had a small quick bite before heading down to Ikea!

"zilian" while waiting for Benny to buy food.. 

All my favorite... hubby remember what I love to eat, but can't remember what I don't like to eat.. >.< should be easy supposedly because I can use my finger to count the number of food that I dislike. 

Happy lovers

Our reflection! Dear 扁嘴! 

In case any of u are wondering, yes, I'm taller then my hubby. only by 2cm.. haha.. but he loves tall lady, don't ask me why, esp tal lady wearing heels. Because he think its sexy.. >.<
And one more surprise, he is the one who taught and buy me a few pairs of heels to start with. :D

There is once I talk to him about guys' ego and height issue, because 
one of my angmo patient was talking to me about this. To them is alright, maybe because of their culture etc. 

Example of lovely couple:

Mr Sarkozy (French president) and his model wife
Tom Cruise and Katie

Nichole and Keith

Curious about Benny's reply?
Nope it doesn't bother me at all... 

My ego is taller than your height.. 

Immediately I burst out laughing!! Haha.. Actually what I really need is or rather any women is to have a guy who love us, treat us with respect and a person to hold on till old.. :)

Gals outing special edition
~ Before Qing Ying's Special Day

Its nice to have a full attendance for this round of gals meet up, I think is because is going to be Qing Ying's wedding day soon, and giving us her invitation card, and also giving her the blessing!

So glad to hear them walking down the aisle, they have been together like more then 12 years? Then have been together since secondary school. So sweet right.. 

I arrived quite late because of last min shopping for Qing Ying's wedding gift. I couldn't attend her wedding because of Chinese wedding culture. So prepare her the angbao and gift! :D

Candid camera!!

Proper one.. :P after kena caught by them hehe

Busy taking photos using Qing Ying polaroid camera. Fang Fang and Chor Lin took quite a lot for us because they are testing their skills! Haha.. 

Bought Qing Ying a sexy yet cute polka dots night gown :P Lucky she said she like polka dots.. hehe.. wish her hubby and her can have a lovely night!

Love my wedges!! Almost forget about this wedges till I saw it again on its 4.5 inches!

*Belated post*

Benny brought me to this steamboat buffet place at Tanjong Katong area last week. Its actually opposite Tanjong Katong Secondary School. 

It was a wonderful night to have steamboat on that day, because it was raining the whole night! Eating steamboat without sweat! Nice!!

TianFu Steamboat 天府火锅


Me!! No MU look

My love ~~ Clams....

Another favorite! Fish Skin!! My another source of collagen! It taste chewy and fantastics when u soak it in the soup for a while

Benny order a lot of this mushroom because he said previously I complain I can't eat it when I had my braces on, so he ordered like 3-4 plates. Eat until I said stop taking.. *blah*

Ok.. going to get back to my homework.. getting more and more lazy

Another piece of news, recently sign up with a production company 2yrs modeling contract. In my N yrs of modeling life, this is the first time a sign a contract. Nothing in particular, maybe because I feel comfortable with the founder and the terms made was fair enough. 

I still can continue my full time job (which is very important), modeling for me can be consider as a hobby for me because I can be a different character out of my normal life and at the same time a motivation to make sure I'm keeping myself in shape and get some extra cash during my free time. Which I can enjoy the fun too. And I can get married and have babies also.. haha.. 

Contract starting next month.. 

Not sure what will awaits for me in the future 


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